• Risk Management fully integrated into your Organisation
  • Tools, Control Content and Services to get you compliant in just weeks
  • Using Risk Management to enhance performance and create opportunity

Third Party Assurance

Preventing your supplier vulnerabilities impacting your business

Process, Tools, Control sets. Tailored for threats specific to each supplier. Incorporating a broad range of industry standards.

Internal Controls Assurance

Customised Control Assurance to meet your Strategy

Process, Tools, Control sets. Tailored for threats specific to your business strategy. Controls to satisfy the most vigilant regulators across the globe.

Risk Management Services

Integrating Risk Management into your Business

Full Risk Management frameworks or rapid tactical requirements. Experienced risk professionals to solve Technology and Business challenges.

Data Security

Preventing loss of your ultra- confidential data

If you have ultra confidential data which must not be Read, Lost, Copied, Misplaced or Stolen, we can help you protect it.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting the challenges from todays’ tough Regulators

We share our extensive experience of a broad array of Regulators from around the globe and how to meet their challenges.

About RiiSK

Riisk is a specialist Consulting Company, with proven approaches for Integrating Risk Management into your Business. We deliver Control Assurance and Risk Management Solutions and Services ensuring that your Internal Controls are measured, treated and business practices are transformed. By incorporating Third Party and Cloud Assurance into Internal Controls we are able to encompass the holistic ‘extended enterprise’ to meet the operational, financial, regulatory and compliance requirements.

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